Help Us Elect Godly Candidates!


The National Association of American Christian Communities is a organization of churches in each community in each state that supports Godly candidates in each election. It started in Nevada with an American Christian Caucus(ACC) sponsored by Fervent Church and Calvary Chapel   Red Tock Church in Las Vegas.

The Goal is to get Churches involved in politics. Does your church obey God or does it obey the government? Most churches today avoid taking a stand because they are afraid of loosing their non-profit 501-C status. Our goal is to get churches to realize that they can get involved in politics without any loss of tax status.

We plan to add a NAACC chapter in each state.  If your church would like to get involved, just contact us by email at Tom

Pastors, please go to pastors and politics to learn about churches, taxes, and politics.

Our plan is to select a candidate in each race and then help them get elected. We will train people to make phone calls, train people  to canvas for the candidates, and provide candidates with help with their campaigns. For more information, visit

We will add states,  we will add the to list   of states.