About Us

The National Association of America Christian Communities goal is to get Godly candidates elected by organizing Churches in the community to help. The Churches would ask the community to create a caucus to help elect Godly people. The caucus would phone, canvas, and pray for Godly candidates selected by the community.

The Churches would ask their congregation to pray for the candidates selected by the community. More and more churches are realizing that they cannot stand by and watch immoral laws being passed.

In the last hundred years, laws have been removed, changed, and added which have affected the morality of our Country.

  • Prayer was removed from schools and public places.
  • Sex before marriage was common place and condoned.
  • Abortion was made legal.
  • Divorce was made easier and half the marriages end in divorce.
  • Homosexuality was legal and encouraged.
  • Same sex marriage was made legal.
  • Gender change was allowed, easier, and accepted.

Most churches remained inlet byre fusing to get involved in politics. They wee afraid of losing their non=profit tax status.

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